Implementing PPC Campaigns

PPC advertising can be instrumental in taking your ads to a live status to bring you traffic in just a couple of minutes. Learn how to do it properly.

PPC advertising can be instrumental in taking your ads to a live status to bring you traffic in just a couple of minutes. Once you have set up your PPC ad campaign and are live, it basically takes less than a minute’s worth of time for your site’s first visitor to arrive.

What is seriously advantageous to you in using Google AdWords is that the traffic is not random. The traffic you receive is niche traffic as visitors are derived from searches they’ve initiated based on your keyword combinations. The keywords are based on the products and/or services you promote on your site.

Let’s think about why you should use Google AdWords as the program of choice for your online marketing campaign. This is an interesting question as there are certainly less expensive options such as Yahoo Search.

The primary reason is because of its huge exposure relative to PPC and it generally seems to be the most effective when it comes to PPC ad campaigns. Also, AdWords is generally easier to use than competitive brands. Therefore ease of use and satisfactory results rank high with Google AdWords.

When you begin compilation of your keywords relative to your site’s products and or services you’d be well advised to use a keyword research tool such as WordTracker instead of the alternative of coming up with the keywords you wish to use on your own.

The tool will provide you with information as to what precisely persons are searching and provide you with all types of choices. You can put together a keyword list of as much as one thousand keywords under sixty minutes; afterwards break down your list into sub lists.

The primary keywords should be your headers of which you build your list around. The headers will attain the most traffic. The reason sub lists of keywords are important is that you may create PPC ads based on your primary keywords: In example, basketball goals address more of a niche than basketball equipment.

The ad copy must be good or your PPC campaign may suffer. It is important you get the ad right. The title must contain keywords as well as the description to the ad. You’ll want to place your sub-list keyword once inside the title and inside the description.

The main challenges you are facing when instituting a PPC campaign is that you do not know the effectiveness of your ads; and you will not be aware of the rate of conversion. The result of these challenges is that you will be continually improving upon your ads based on the results of your campaign.

That said you will be reviewing the ads you’ve written, and taking out the ones that did not work as well as making modifications to the ads that proved more effective. You’ll need to use the components of title and description and testing to see if your ratio of clicks to your site will improve.